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About Touchstone 

Touchstone Inspections, LLC was founded by Mark Zwicker, a native of Portland, Oregon.  Mark has spent nearly 20 years in the construction industry working on residential homes and commercial spaces. Mark’s residential experience includes everything from children’s playhouses to 25,000 square foot mansions. Having worked on over 1,000 homes all over the Pacific Northwest in practically every stage of the building process, Mark has a wealth of knowledge about the unique problems a homeowner can face in this area of the country.


Mark’s commercial experience includes many kinds of small commercial spaces from coffee shops to retail stores to hospitals. Mark spent several years working on hundreds of hospitals all over the United States, and, during that time, really developed relationships with local building inspectors. Interested in what a challenging job building inspecting could be, and weary from too much time on the road and not enough time at home with his lovely wife and two boys, Mark ultimately decided to pursue this exciting change. It was an easy fit, being a way for Mark to combine years of experience in the field with the satisfaction of helping others understand their home or business.


Touchstone Inspections, LLC offers a wide variety of inspection services, including home inspections, radon testing, airborne mold testing, structural pest inspection, thermal imaging, home energy assessments, and sewer scope inspections. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality product with unbiased results. We are licensed, bonded, and fully insured to work in Washington and Oregon. 


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